Google Latitude?


Anyone here use it? Not something we normally use but have used it so our parents can follow our travels. Not sure how to work out the details but it would we pretty cool if folks in the rally could see each other. Would make it possible for spontaneous hookups on the road.

We'd also be willing to share our mobile contact info with participants via some kind of private thread


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My wife and I use it. It can be pretty limited as the areas we travel don't have lots of coverage. Locations are not always as good as they could be. The APRS does a much better job. Still it is nice to have latitude. I am not sure how valuable it would be on an expedition style trip?


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APRS does a much better job.

+1, there are lots of places where there is no cell phone coverage that I can still get out from with a ham radio. I always run APRS on my trips so that my children and my friends can see where I am. It's fun to see others at or near the same group event on the GPS, and I have used it to make spontaneous meetings with friends that I had previously only known on-line. Pretty cool to meet someone that way, 1400 miles from home, in the San Juan Mountains.

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