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Looking at different GPS tracker options. Did some research and looking for additional info as there are too many companies to easily research them all. Share what service you'd pick and specifically why you'd pick them over others.

Primary use is to prevent theft and allow the quickest recovery. Would like it to be reliable both in urban areas and out in the boonies. Definitely out with OBDII units as they are too obvious, need splitters with other equipment, plus there are reports of them affecting vehicle functionality. I'd prefer a hardwired unit, also prefer one with inputs for vehicle alarm and outputs for kills and a minimum 1-minute reporting increments.

It seems that most trackers use GPS for tracking plus Cell Phone Network SIM to report back to the user. What things are to consider here? I understand that GPS will have no signal without a direct view of the sky and that cell phone signal is not everywhere. Many cell providers are no longer using 3G service and so 4G / LTE is the minimum requirement at this time. Other countries have LTE-M (M1) which is not too common in the US at this time. Debating if something like Starlink or Iridium are viable options for reporting or whether it's better to stick to cell network reporting.

I'm currently strongly considering MasTrack, it's hardwired with battery backup, has 1-min reporting, their SIM automatically picks the strongest cell signal from the top three US cell carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile) for reporting back to the user and has inputs for an alarm or other triggers and outputs for an ignition or fuel kill to disable the vehicle before it gets too far. Any MasTrack users or opinions? Any other tracking companies that are worth considering?
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I have used Drone Mobile for about the last 9 months. It integrates with my alarm system. I am not sure if you can install just their GPS module? So far I like the system. I installed it up inside my dash (F350) and it gets good cell signal. I feel if my truck is stolen and I am aware of it, then I should be able to track the truck pretty effectively. I got the version with battery back up , but it is unclear how long the battery back up works for. Because it integrates with my alarm, if my alarm goes off I get a notification to my phone. I also get a notification if the truck battery voltage is low, when the truck starts, stops, and you can set a geofence boundary that notifies when it leaves a particular geographic area (good if someone steals the truck without starting it). Setting a geofence is quick, so theoretically you can set one anywhere you go. It also has a great app (I have only used Android version).

Because it uses cell service, if you are in an area without cell service it doesn't work.

I haven't tried any other brands of GPS trackers, so I can't comment on the competition. I would buy this one again.


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I've been using TKSTAR USB chargeable GPS devices (from China via Amazon) for many years. I had 3 or 4 of the 3g devices, but newer sim cards are not compatible. I currently run the 4g TKSTAR devices with a Google Fi data only sim card. As there is no monthly charge for data only sims if you have a Google Fi phone plan, this setup costs me very little monthly, and I don't have to keep track of / refill prepaid sim cards. The drawback is SMS features don't work. So I can't wake the GPS up or change settings by sending it a SMS. But the device wakes up automatically when in motion and location information seems reliable using the free app. This setup works for my purposes, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it.


Attach an Apple AirTag under the seat where it can’t be found?



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After researching various Vehicle GPS Tracker, Pocketfinder seems to be the front-runner. It's hardwired, has a battery backup, and offers 1-minute reporting, which is excellent for quick recovery in case of theft. The fact that it can switch between the strongest signals from Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile is a huge plus for ensuring coverage.
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Here's hoping you report back on your experience. I've heard enough stories about Defender owners who's truck 'walked away' after being parked that I think I should be considering a similar system.


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Attach an Apple AirTag under the seat where it can’t be found?

easiest and cheapest option. We have many air tags for various things.

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