Grand Canyon: Tapeats, Deer and Kanab Creeks - FAIL


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@shade I may have given you, or more likely, someone else the wrong impression about the water situation at Indian Garden in my “Grand Canyon Heads Up” thread.

My intention was to impress upon hikers the importance of checking on the current water availability at the time of your hike. Also, and more importantly, to have a back up plan for making water safe to drink. I think you are well versed in this area.

The water shut off I almost had to deal with was a very rare situation. It was due to the pump replacements at the Garden water plant.
The water at Indian Garden remains on all year round to the best of my knowledge.

I agree with @GB_Willys_2014 that downtown Phoenix has come a long ways recently. I think ASU moving the college of nursing downtown was a big help in this respect.
Of course, I always thought Phoenix was an improvement over the parts of downtown Detroit I was familiar with. Hahaha.

I also 100% with the above comments on the Truck Gun thread.
Ah, I thought water was shut off every fall by the end of November. Good to know.


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Thought I would share an update.

After lots and lots of physical therapy, I am finally back on the trails, and reached an important milestone yesterday.

Me and my daughter at the highest point of Goldmine trail (San Tan, AZ) after ascending ~650' in one mile.


The trick, ofc, is the not the ascent, but the descent.

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