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Thanks for the links. I'm looking to pick up either a CRF250L or WR250R. Those threads are inspirational.


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I did 3 weeks with a CRF250 in Thailand, and ride a 250 here with plans for RTW if the opportunity should arise. Rode a KLR for a bit, but the 250 just does what I need when I need it, though it helps I am not a large guy. I think we will start to see more 250s on longer trips in the future, they make a lot of sense for getting from point A-B.

A Tale of Highs and Low(sides): My 3 Week Motorcycle Adventure in Northern Thailand

Loved this so much, decided on another Fly N Ride. Finishing up the trip, still catching up on the posts, here is my newest adventure on a DR200, put just over 3000 miles on it with a large mix of dirt roads involved.....my body hurts, I will never sit on another DR200 again haha. Here is the link in the reports section

And the Earth Shook: My 3 Week Motorcycle Adventure in Ecuador


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A fellow whose name is Arun Kumar posts on YouTube as "GoProMan." He recently completed a 3200 mile trip around the Himalaya mountains on a KTM Duke 200, a single cylinder model made in India, but not imported to USA. His video diary is here

GoProMan has a video channel that has plenty of posts of rides around India. Well worth perusing.


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Mike quit his job in 2014 and hit the road, riding a 49cc Honda Ruckus. 2 years and 47,000 miles later, he's still at it.

Mike also rode coast to coast on a Kawasaki V-Strom in 2009. I guess he wanted a simpler experience this time.

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