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Sarek Automotive is working on a lockable rear diff:
"Almost have the working prototype for a selectable air locker for folks without the factory rear TOD rear locker. Final product will be a Billet case half to replace the factory differential case half and an ARB carrier unit. This will give the ability to manually lock the rear differential independent of the terrain response system settings or in case of failsafe operation. The ARB differential is also much stronger than a stock differential. The ARB has 4 spider gears vs stock with 2 spider gears with a single pin. Billet housing will include a larger carrier bearing and reinforced bearing race support. Case half will have all provisions to connect air line without the need to drill and tap."


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Land Rover Designs New Roll Cage And Suspension For A Hardcore Offroad Defender:

... The first patent details a roll cage right down to the spare wheel mounting, and the second patent involves a new bump stop design intended specifically for multi-link suspension systems used with a unibody vehicle, but specifically shows how this system would mount to a roll cage.

In combination, these patents indicate that a Land Rover Defender could be under development for off-road racing duties, because this particular combination of body construction and suspension design are key features of the new Defender. And, given the advanced development of these patents, it's not impossible that a new Defender-based contender could be entered into off-road endurance races such as the Dakar Rally or the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge very soon.

There isn't anything particularly noteworthy about the spaceframe's design, but the hydraulic bump stops are somewhat novel. ...





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New Land Rover Defender SVX spotted with performance upgrades:

"... The big changes come beneath the window line however. The flared wheel arches are needed because they house some chunky BF Goodrich all-terrain tyres on a new alloy wheel design. The suspension has also been raised up for extra ground clearance and it’s almost certain the spring rates have been adjusted for off-roading too.

At the front there’s camouflage covering the front bumper and grille - suggesting this SVX model will gain a new face, in a similar fashion to the SVX versions of the old car. The front and rear lights look unchanged from the standard model.

The powertrain sitting underneath the beefed up bodywork is a mystery. The most obvious choice is the supercharged 5.0-litre V8 from the Defender V8, producing 518bhp and 625Nm of torque. Our images show a quad-exhaust tip set up, but the backbox looks different to the Defender V8 and the tips are set a little further back into the body work. Only time will tell if this Defender has actually made use of Land Rover and BMW’s engine partnership, borrowing the German firm’s 4.4-litre, twin-turbocharged V8. ..."





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Jerry McGovern originally said the Defender was engineered to handle 33" wheels without modification, even though 32" has been standard. I guess this is why.


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The infamous Moegatle hill

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J77 said:
According to CEO Adrien Mardell it will arrive in 2027 on the EV only EMA platform, built at the new UK factory, likely to be called Defender Sport

Just an Autocar image so don’t expect it to be like this though they have said it will be boxy.

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