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Firstly this is not my adventure, but I would like to share the adventures of fellow South Africans with the rest of the world. :victory:

This is a group of south africans called "Voetspore" (footprints), almost like the african version of Expedition Overland. They have traveled Africa on camera for the better part of 20 years doing the following trips

1. Following the Traditional elephant migration routes throughout Southern Africa - Voetspore van die grootes (Footprints of the Giants)
2. Traveling The coastline of South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique - Footprints in the sand
3. Traveling from the Cape to Kilimanjaro
4. Kilimanjaro to Cairo
5. Cape town to Gabon in central Africa
6. Cape Casablanca (Morocco) to Cape town (ZA)
7. Cape Aghulas(ZA) to Alexandria (Egypt)
8. The Great rift-valley expedition (Mozambique to Sudan)
9. Traveling through Madagascar

Hopefully with the help of google translate this makes sense >>

They do not feature much on youtube as most of their programmes are locally broadcast in our native Afrikaans language, but here is the link to their channel anyways. Hopefully the share some more for the online communities.

They have traveled with a variety of vehicles over the years, from Landrovers (Defenders) in the 90s to Nissan Patrols and VolksWagen Amaroks to Land Cruiser 70s more recently.

Here is some images just to get the adventure flowing (When i look at the images i just want to take off to somewhere

Getting caught by the tide in Angola during the Gansbaai to Gabon trip

Most recently they traveled through Madagaskar in Toyota Land Cruiser 70s, ill post the link below. Although the video is in afrikaans, there is subtitles and the footage alone is brilliant and conveys the adventure.

S09E01 http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5Cg-6JI5tw
S09E02 http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QvKWkobYh0

Ep 1 is a bit boring as it covers the arrival and reception to the island, but Ep 2 is where the fun begins

I will try to update the thread when new episodes are released weekly (pending on the response)

Anyways just wanted to share their adventures as they are living the dream most of us would love to, while driving vehicles most of us would love to!



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Thank you for sharing. I am planning a trip to SA soon and am looking for good routes to travel.

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