Post and share your offroad trail/route in Mexico!

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As mentioned before, for this year the Maya Rally does not dictate any specific route for the participants.

However, I know many of you are looking for some offroad fun so if you know of any route/section/trail all through Mexico please post it here and share with everyone!

Here is a first one from Ponce:

FYI fastest way to get to Guanajuato is after crossing the San Luis Potosi Toll Booth is to head towards Queretaro and take Villa de Reyes route to San Felipe - Silao or if you want a bad *** off road trail run cut thru Ortega to Santa Rosa then down thru Valenciana, that is what we raced in WRC (do it only be day), you can have breakfast at la cabana de lolita before hitting the old road from Dolores Hidalgo to GTO.


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We did a similar thing a few years back - minus GPS as a navigation aide en-route - we wrote turn-by-turn instructions down from googleearth (and Mapmyride) and relied on men-with-donkeys on corners.... Staying high works well - we turned to the coast from Oaxaca (great stretch of route) but regretted the change in climate from the sublime camping and weather up high to the sultry coast.

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