Pouches for use in Pelican cases?



We have use multiple versions of these pouches for years. Meds, IV, dressings you name it there is a pack that fits its. Plus you can see through them for easy access. You can put smaller in bigger depending on your needs. My wife and I are ER nurses with 40+ years of experience so our Pelican is based on what we want and this system has been awesome. Easy to add or change based on your needs for each particular trip too. We use it as our home system too. We use one of the smaller one for backpacking and a slightly bigger one when motorcycle camping. You can beat the versatility.

We found several recently at Sports Chalet going out of biz closeout. I just used the REI link since they have a large selection.


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Scott- thanks for the quick reply but that link seems to send me to REI's Eagle Creek listing. Which ones are you using?


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Does anyone know a source for pouches that fit in Pelican cases like the ones RMO uses? Example: http://www.remotemedical.com/mass-casualty-incident-kit?sc=53&category=19830943

It might actually be nice if they had the clear mesh style fronts as well.

I've been looking for the same thing, so if you do find those please post a link to them.

I did find these on Amazon, which I think will do pretty much the same thing, however I'm not sure about sizes. It would depend on which case and what combination of bags you use. These are tool pouches, but they come in different colors, have a clear pocket for a label, screened mesh interior pockets, heavy duty YKK zippers, and come in two sizes.

Ergodyne Arsenal 5876 Clamshell Organizer

You can also get them in a four bag kit, which is a little cheaper.

Ergodyne Arsenal 5876K Four Piece Buddy Clamshell Organizers

I also found these which come in different colors too.

AmazonBasics 4-Piece Packing Cube Set - Small, Medium, Large, and Slim

I hope this helps and if you do purchase some, let me know how they work out. :)


[Scott- thanks for the quick reply but that link seems to send me to REI's Eagle Creek listing. Which ones are you using?
Sorry about that, dang REI. Just google Eagle Creek pack-it cubes. Pick your sizes based on your needs and supplies. We use them for flying type travel as well. Really do help with organizing.

Those Amazon cubes that Patoz linked to above are identical looking copies of the pack-it cubes.


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Ok, I've actually got two of the Eagle Creek Pack-It cubes that I use when traveling; one has all of my electronic gizmos like chargers, cords, etc. and the other is for toiletries. They've held up well so far- which I'm happy about given that they're kind of expensive for small pouches. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit I never even thought about trying them, I guess because I was focuses on top zip pouches.


Another vote for the Pack-it style cubes. Either Eagle reek or amazon's version. Very nice and multiple sizes for whatever level of kit you put together. We have 15xx Pelican filled with them for our truck kit and we use smaller ones for our motorcycles kits.

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