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Anybody running the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 for mapping? Has GPS built in. I’ve been using a Tab A7 and my iPad Pro. I’ve determined that the 8” tablet works better for me. Thinking about the Samsung over an iPad mini.


I've been using a Tab Active 2 running Gaia for a couple of years with very good success. I found that the onboard antenna for the GPS was a little weak when it was inside the truck so I added a Garmin GLO 2 Bluetooth GPS antenna and it works much better.

I made a little shelf that attaches to the top of the dash on my Defender 90 right at the base of the windshield so that it gets a good look at the sky. On the new 110 I just put the receiver out at the base of the windshield.
A friend of mine uses a 10" Samsung tablet and likes it because our older eyes can see it better - sometimes I think he might have had the better idea.

RAM makes a variety of mounts for tablets:
My Defender 90 has RAM mount balls all over the interior for a variety of stuff like phone mounts, camera mounts and other stuff - I use a C size ball to mount the tablet.
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