Show off you Laptop/Tablet/GPS mounts please


What happened to the Lefty? I love those "forks". I guess we ought to call them "awls." The only word I can think of for a "fork" with a single tine....

I have connections, I don't even remember where they came from but I have (In storage) like 15 sets of them (the clamps)

great design, very rigid, silly light too, but I never own one, I'm a maverick freak myself..


I mess up on my first attempt to build the cradle, I'm using Polycarbonate, but I'm not thermoforming it (those not really lend to it like Acrylic) so I use my little makita saw with about a 1.5mm of blade deep, my mistake was not taking into account if it was a "Inside or a outside bend" so i have to make a V shape groove..


Doh, 4 1/2" grinders and/or my shaky HANDS are not deep accurate, that was the mistake I made.

Tomorrow will be a different day, plus i learn a lot today..


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I mounted a 9.7" iPad in my 2001 Jeep TJ. I've been on some pretty rough trails and it holds nicely with minimal shaking. Since the new iPad mini has been released I'm thinking about picking one up with a little smaller cradle. I still need to run a power line and USB socket up the windshield header for power.


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what app are you running? is it Gaia? Also how much memory does your ipad have and have you been able to reload large areas ? the 9.7 size seems like the perfext size > I am toying with usingthe grab hadle bolt to mount mine> Some day.

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I used to screw / glue / velcro navigation gear to the dashboard but after they kept on falling off, I came up with a 'nav bar' which attached to the handles on the A pillar. I then use Ram mounts to mount all the gear to. First photo is my Nissan Patrol, second is my Fuso:




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I designed and fabbed up this aluminum plate that spans the gage pod screws (outboard of the gages) to the underside of the dash pad. VERY secure, and as you can see, another gage (or two) could be added, switches maybe, and a large mount work fine. I run a Garmin Marine GPS on the other side of the arm.

This is the only one, but I have the template... no one ever asked me for another one!
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Our F150 was the first vehicle I've ever owned there there were off-the-shelf mounting options for any accessories.

I liked the Builtright dash-mount "riser" for that dash tray, but I figured it would be a PITA to mount various accessories to it once it was installed. Instead, I mounted a 2x 12vdc socket hoot underneath, and a length of 1/4" T-Slot rail on top.


Now I can install/move the various device mounts without having to mess with anything underneath the Builtright mount.

That RAM phone mount on the left was supposed to be a simple solution for wireless charging whilst holding my phone, but it was a little flaky and did NOT provide enough juice to overcome the draw when using my phone to navigate with the screen on full time. I've since swapped to a regular spring-loaded side-holding phone mount and just plugging in via USB-C.

Hard to tell from that photo, but the only thing that sicks up above the "hood line" when I'm in the driving position is the top-nub of the Garmin antenna. No forward visibility blockers is how I roll.

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