Southern Xpeditions Overland Challenge

The overland challenge will make you fight man, machine, and nature! It is a set of physical obstacles, mental puzzles and unique challenges that will test your comfort zone and your teams ability to work effectively together. This rally style challenge will take you on some of the most scenic and intense off road routes North Carolina has to offer. Your team’s navigation and map comprehension skills will be put to the test inside the Uwharrie National Forest! You will also be evaluated on your ability to sort through any problems that may occur ;-), such as mechanical failures, vehicle recovery and unique team challenges. Prepare to push your vehicle’s limit on miles of rough terrain at Overland Experts Training Facility in Uwharrie, North Carolina. You will be conquering many of the same obstacles that our Military Special Forces come here to train on! All necessary permits will be provided along with three nights of accommodations on private property with limited resources.

Thursday to Sunday
At our 2018 Overland Challenge we had an amazing amount of competitors travel from all over the United States and even Europe. Due to this fact, we had a large need for accommodations on Thursday evening before the start of the rally. We will have camping available for all teams on Thursday evening in Uwharrie, North Carolina. Teams will have the same assigned campsite for the duration of the challenge weekend (Thursday Evening - Sunday Afternoon). Tents, gear, trailers, parts, bad teammates, etc. can be left in your assigned campsite for the duration of the weekend. You are expected to bring everything necessary to be self sufficient in the woods for 4 nights and 3 days. Thus being water, food, shelter, first aid, etc. Fuel and general store amenities will be close by for your use as well.
The rally officially starts on Friday morning in Uwharrie, North Carolina. Camping Thursday evening is not required, but it is available for convenience as we will be starting Friday with an 8:30am team meeting. Afterwards, teams should be prepared to spend the daylight hours navigating public lands, competing in physical team challenges, and maneuvering vehicle obstacle courses.
On Saturday expect your daylight hours again to be filled with even more unique circumstances and hurdles. Such as navigating private off road trails, solving mental puzzles and sparring other teams in games on land, water, and in the sky.
Sunday morning will be your team’s final chance to gain vital points in the last of several unique team challenges. Sunday afternoon will consist of an award ceremony and the dispensing of prizes. The rally should conclude no later than 2pm on Sunday afternoon to allow for competitors homeward travel.

The Vehicle: (What's Required)
A registered/insured street legal vehicle that is not obnoxiously loud or unreliable is a good start. Because after all this is an Overland Challenge, this isn't intended for your rock buggies and dedicated trail rigs, this is for the self sufficient travelers.
Each vehicle must have both front and rear recovery points attached to the frame:
4WD is Required
31" or Taller Tires
Adequate Ground Clearance
At Least 1 Working Vehicle Winch Per Team
Vehicle must be setup for self sustained travel, This means it should be completely self reliant i.e. sleeping, cooking and whatever else you might need on a 3 day expedition.
Recovery Equipment (Required)
Per vehicle:

1x Working Winch.
1x Pulley Block Rated for Winch.
1x Tree Strap
2x Recovery Strap

As always you can find more information on our website by going to


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Looks like fun. I participated in the Raid N Georgia rally a while back. Lots of fun and it really tested out navigation skills.

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Looks like fun. I participated in the Raid N Georgia rally a while back. Lots of fun and it really tested out navigation skills.

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Get you a team together and come out and test them out further. We've got a pile of trails to utilize and test out all kinds of skills.

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