SSR 140CC china bike


Alright, feel free to shoot me already :ROFLMAO:

But I'm seriously considering one of these for our "exploration" bike.
I'm in the market for a sub 200# dirt bike.

One that goes with on full time with the camper.
Lightweight, cheap, great for scouting ahead, exploring around, or quick trips into town when camped.


Currently have a Lifan125 swapped custom CT90, that has done fantastic. Id like a bit more power, and off road capability. Did I mention brakes?
I've considered swapping in a larger engine and better forks, etc. But the overall cost would far exceed the cost of a new DBX1

I can make it street legal very easy here in Idaho.




Didn't go with the TaoTao.

I did pick up a used (barely) SSR 140TR "big wheel" though.
Looks 100% new, but has (as reported by owner) less than 30 hours or so.

Very similar to the Tao Tao, but with adjustable forks and rear shock.
Same motor, YX140cc
14/17 wheels/tires
hydro disc brakes front and rear
and less than 160#

photo from the add....

I road it around a bit to get a good idea if it would work for us. Most definitely will.
Its a bad-ass little bike, but it is still Chinese.

So once home I tore it apart to check it over, replace and repair as needed, as well as toss all junk on it Ill need to make it street legal.
Lights, horn, etc...

So far everything looks pretty good. Wheel bearings and swing arm bearings are chinese junk and already toast, so those are being replaced with good SKF.
The carb is a chinese Mikuni clone, so that might have to be replaced with a real one. But Ill see what I can do with this one first...
Beyond that, it looks good to go. Ill have to give it some seat time on the blacktop for a while to see, but I might also go to a less aggressive set of tires.


Done any GPS verified speed runs with it yet?

Not a chance.... winter here :oops:

But tuned well and correct gearing, a 60MPH cruising speed shouldn't be any issue, while retaining the ability to run slow off road.

Even the little 125CC honda trail can do 65... but its really pushing it, and it takes a long time to get there.
Gearing to do that pretty well makes it useless off the blacktop as well. Awesome for around town though. (y)


Believe me.... it isn't the cold that stops me.

Its all that white stuff, and the idiot drivers that cannot seem to manage it.... :oops:


White stuff, yeah that generally keeps me in the neighborhood/local park. Drivers tend to stop and watch me play around/fall over. Had some nice power Friday till about 9 PM, switched to rain for a bit. Now everything is ice or ice crusted snow.20200117_KE100_SnowRide.jpg


So it has started....

This is the SSR140TR-BW (big wheel)

Its a chinese bike, rolling on 14" rear & 17" front wheels, powered by a YX140CC thumper.

This bike has less than 20 hours on it when I picked it up.

While being pretty clean, it did need some things already.
It is chinese afterall. And the kid that owned it sure had fun with it.
Some obvious evidence of that... Ridden hard and put away wet. :D

here is a shot of it mid-tear-down.
I want to bring it back up to speed 100%, so all maintenance items will be addressed, then reassembled, then work out the mods.
The bike will have to be assembled to do the custom seat and rear rack.


Every single bearing was toast. I honestly couldnt believe this.
Front and rear wheel bearings, swingarm bearings,& chain guide bearings.

So new SKF bearings were ordered.

While I ha the swingarm off and torn down, I also decided to order an aluminum replacement.
The OE bearings were shielded, Ill upgrade these to double sealed. The aluminum swingarm should also shed a few pounds.

Headset bearings were suspect, but after flushing & repacking I can live with them. At least for now.

The bike also needed both throttle and clutch cables. Again, chinese.
So new cables were ordered.

From OE, the bike was fitted with a knock-off Mikuni carb.
The bike was VERY cold blooded, so I tore it apart to see what jets were being used. Turns out out the jets were non-standard.
Wasnt totally impressed with the choke on it either (could have been related)

So a new Mikuni VM26-606 with all the fun bits was ordered.

So... on order

**Front and rear wheel bearings (SKF)
**swing arm bearings (SKF)
**chain guide tensioner bearings (generic, but double shielded)
**clutch cable
**throttle cable
**chain guide tensioner
**swingarm chain slide
**chain guard guide
**#420 HD chain (RK)
**exhaust gasket
**fresh tygon fuel lines
**cheap ebay replacement skid plate

That sums up the maintenance items.

The following is also on order for upgrades....

**Aluminum 18" swingarm
**silicone tubing & UNI filter for remote crank vent
**Mikuni VM26-606 carb
**Minkuni carb adapter
**UNI filter
**another slip on muffler.... would like to make it a bit more quiet somehow.
Going to try repacking a new muff, perhaps changing the baffle.

The following on order for electrics & street legal stuff...

**12V horn
**4-wire Rectifier
** 4700uf 50v capacitor (bike will not have battery)
**cheap LED headlamp
**cheap LED tail lamp
**brake lamp switch
**backlit bike battery powered speedo
**2-wire ignition switch
**handlebar control (switch control for headlights, horn, turn signals, etc)
**cheap mirrors

More to come....


And before anyone mentions the fancy ice chest bike stand....

yes, I made one out of Baltic Birch ply

Had some around, and the table saw was still out from a remodel job, so here we are. Makes for one heck of a stool too!

But all the bearings have been swapped out, new cables installed, swing arm installed, and wheels/tires on.



Frame was drilled and tapped for two 10-32 scews, to mount the new rectifier.


case vent hose was replaced with silicone hose, and high mounted under the rear fender stay with a small uni filter.



handlebar controls....


And brake switch. Very simple aluminum bracket that holds the switch and fastens to the bike with one of the existing motor mount bolts. It just clears the swing arm, and according to the multimeter, works as it should.

Simple hole was drilled in the foot brake lever, along with a simple stainless wire with sleeve to prevent it digging into the case over time.

Typically these switches have a spring instead of a wire. But here the overall throw of the foot brake lever is short enough to do with just a wire.




A few little bits done this evening.

simple mods really make a difference...

New Mikuni carb torn apart to check factory jetting.

Research tells me that I should have a 17.5 or 20 pilot and a 155 to 165 main.
Factory the carb was assembled with a 22.5 pilot & 190 main.
So new jets ordered...


Experience with these horizontal engines has prompted a few simple mods.
Like the intake bolts, replaced with studs. These motors vibrate enough that the bolts tend to work loose. You dont really want to loctite the bolts in place, so over time as they work loose they tend to ruin the threads in the head. So studs are loctited in the head instead, and nuts are used. Read loctite on the studs, and blue on the nuts.


Similar scenario at the handlebar mounts. The handlebars will have to be removed every time the bike is loaded into the box on the truck. So in stead of wearing out the aluminum threads in the handlebar risers, studs were installed. I then turned down some threaded couplers, that will thread onto the studs and fasten the clamp down.

Threaded couplers painted....



This harness that passes thru the case is a known leak point. Dirt, water, etc... So its been sealed up with toyota black RTV.


And finally, all chain guides on, new chain installed, wheel and chain aligned, and side cover off in preparation for a valve adjustment




Slow and steady.

Carb rejetted and installed.
Fired on 3rd kick, and idled.
Still needs a bit of tuning, but seems to run MUCH better already.


Protaper Pillow Grips installed

Had some 1/4" aluminum laying around, so I whipped this plate up for the front headlamp, and front fork tie-down points.

It will also serve as a mount for the horn, and front fender brace.



simple alum bracket fabbed for the ignition switch


Opted for a different control assembly.
This one is aluminum, and seems to be much better quality

Blinkers, horn, and headlamp controls.

And tail lamp / plate assembly, installed with another custom bracket.



Then off to the races with the new TIG machine and the rear framework.

Im a noob to TIG, and it shows. But the welds seem solid, just not pretty.

The rear of the frame actually unbolts from the main fame, which makes fabbing these bits much easier.

Rear hoops, that will serve as grab bars & tie down points.
Still have an upright hoop on the very rear, as well as passenger foot-peg mounts to work out.

Still far from done, but done enough to push forward with the custom, extended seat.



with stock seat installed



With the seat cover and pad removed, I added some threaded aluminum blocks for the seat brackets to bolt to. Factory were very small rivets, that were already failing.


Then the seat pan was trimmed a bit to clear the new framework. I also drilled a bunch of 3/16 hols in the seat pan to help the fiberglass resin key the plastic pan to the new fiberglass pan.

Then the entire bike was shrink wrapped, taped.

And the custom extended seat pan was started.



Now fingers crossed the resin cures properly, AND I can get the damn thing off the bike


Seat pan turned out great.

Still have some trimming/cleanup to do with the grinder & flapwheel, but its going to work out great :cool:



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