The Ultimate Backpacking Calorie Estimator


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The Ultimate Backpacking Calorie Estimator

Military researchers have spent years calculating the energy cost of hauling a pack in various conditions. Here's how to use what they’ve found.

But the real revelation to me was the original Pandolf question. Here’s a simple tool that tells you how many calories you’re burning as a function of your weight, your pack’s weight, your hiking speed, the incline of the slope you’re walking on, and the nature of the terrain. Amazing! Even if it has some mild inaccuracies in the absolute numbers it calculates, it offers an objective way of answering some of the logistical questions that you face when planning a backpacking trip. How much extra energy will it cost you to haul an optional luxury like your camp chair? How much will you slow down on a prolonged climb or in sandy terrain if you maintain a roughly constant effort level? What’s the most efficient speed if you’re carrying a particularly heavy pack? Or a particularly light one?
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I don't backpack any more but this is really cool.

Link doesn't work though, it would be interesting to see calories I use chasing brookies up and down small mountain streams with lite pack.

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