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Wednesday I had a hankering for smoked salmon and saltwater taffy (not at the same time) so I jumped on the 690 for a spirited four hour round trip trip to Bodega Bay. Saw some adv bikes and a couple of very large expo truck/rv rigs on highway one. Not sure what kind, maybe pinzgauer or unimog? Couldn't tell as I didn't stay behind them long. Got home, did the post ride inspection and found the reason my front end kept washing out:)20220408_170929.jpg20220408_170850.jpg


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Glad the front didn't totally wash out on you. I'd say you got your money's worth out of that tire depending on how long it's been on the bike. What's the date code on that sucker? Could it be because it was an old tire? Wednesday was was the real hot day, but not sure how it was along the coast. Do you think heat could have been a factor?

motorcycle matt

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Yes, the tires are old, about eight years. That's how long the bike was on moth balls but, I have had this happen on new tires. Probably more my riding style, aggressive, both road bike and dirt bike style on back roads that are far from racetrack smooth. Lots of heat cycles probably doesn't help. Can't wait to get the new Contiattacks mounted up(y)

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