What It Feels Like to Die from Heat Stroke


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New booklet available from the Grand Canyon Conservancy .

Written by Dr. Tom Myers MD so you know it’s written from 1st hand knowledge.

For those that may not know, Dr. Myers cowrote “Over the Edge” Death in the Grand Canyon.
He also was medical director of the south rim medical clinic for many years and is a Canyon extreme hiker.

Dr. Tom also gives one hell of a lecture on hyponatremia, heat exhaustion, and other deadly topics.


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For many many years now I have worn long sleeves when out in the sun. This is a habit I picked up during my military service, and I continued the practice when I worked in agriculture.

I am firm believer that long sleeves keeps the body cooler by 1) offering sun protection and 2) maintaining a sheen of cooling sweat, that does not dry.

The Outside article caused me to think twice about this long-sleeve-cooling theory because of a reference to sweat evaporation.

I researched the topic a bit, and came across the following article, reinforcing the long-sleeve-cooling theory.

I post it here as another strategy for heat management (yes, I know this blog is sponsored by a clothing manufacturer, with an interest in selling long sleeve summer shirts):

Look at the migrant farm workers. They all wear long sleeves and pants out in the fields. Personally I hate long sleeves outdoors but I'm getting on board with the light breathable fabrics out there. Plus my skin's like a lizard after 70 yrs in the San Diego sun. The derm and I are connected at the hip.

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