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New traffic regs in Zim that may help:
Front of vehicle must carry two, white, honeycomb reflectors (tape or plastic) at least 3cm-3cm
Back of vehicle must carry two red reflectors, also honeycomb and same size.
(Reflectors that aren't honeycomb will get you fined, no matter how good they are. Standard reflectors that come with the car, are part of it, don't count.)
Spotlights must be situated BELOW the level of the headlights. Lights higher and on the roof are now illegal.
Fuel can only be carried in metal jerry cans.
Spare tyre must be exactly the same size, dimension as the other four. Biscuit tyres are illegal.
Pick-ups (bakkies) need that GVM sticker thing.
Yellow honeycomb stripes down the side aren't a legal requirement, but the cops think they are.
You need a ''T'' Trailer sign on the vehicle and trailer if you're towing.

Roadblocks are plentiful, but mainly friendly, except in the cities.
Don't drive at night, it's deadly.
Have small change for tolls - they're $2.
Ignore cops in unmarked cars, they aren't cops. If you must deal with them, insist it's at a police station. They'll pretend to follow you, then take a dive.
Join the Dear ZRP Facebook page to get excellent background on cops.
Hope this helps.

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