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  • I'm a two year lurker, new as an active contributer to the forums. Curious, does ExPo have a bicycle specific sponsor? If not, what is involved in sponsorship? I own a new and small but growing bike shop in Lakeview, OR and am personally an avid touring cyclist and bikepacker. I'm interested in hearin from you, see if I am in a position to offer some support.
    Hi, I saw your post on sponsorship. Congrats on your accomplishments! I'm very curious about how sponsorships work and what you personally did to get them.
    Can I message you privately?

    I think it's you who wrote the article on trip financing ....

    another approach, common from Australia, is the self funded retiree. Early retirement and sufficient superannuation to provide sufficient income.

    Rent the house, though we took the easier option of house sitters, and set off.

    Living expenses on the road can be less than living at home. Juggle daily distance, accommodation, sight seeing, eat out vs cook self so that expenses are within income.

    My blog at has a page of (weekly) costs. Time it goes belly up is when third parties are temporarily involved.

    Hope this helps,

    Hi Flounder!
    I'm here in Surprise AZ visiting my parents place from Seattle. My mom and I are heading up to Prescott tomorrow to visit and get a feel for the place, neither of us has been there. I was hoping you could recommend a mtb trail? Something about 2hrs, I don't want to abandon my mom much longer than that. Are the trails buff? I have a mtb bike but my rear wheel is about done, although I would chance it for one more ride. I also brought a cyclocross bike which I rode out at the White Tanks yesterday on the Competitive Track so if the trail is not too rocky I can ride it and not chance my rim coming apart. Looking forward to checking out Prescott. I had plans at the end of Feb. early March when I was in Scottsdale but the weather didn't cooperate. Thanks for any recommendations!

    Are you guys able to get the Fabiano Mountain Master boots? I have been looking for them FOREVER and would buy two sets if I cold get my hands on them!
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