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  • Andy, I bought a used e150 van with Warn 1200 winch. I'm hoping it's hooked up incorrectly as its pull capacity is pathetic. Who in n-Phx might I get to inspect?
    Hi Reed,

    The WARN Multi-Mount is only rated up to 9,500 lbs., so a VR10000 isn't going to work. The VR10000 is going to be a permanent-mount only. If you're set on the Multi-Mount idea, the XD9000i Multi-Mount would be a great choice, as would the 9.5ti Multi-Mount, although it's more expensive than the XD9000i kit. You can check them out here:


    Let me know if you've got any other questions.


    Hi Andy,

    Following a solo trip (into a snowbank) in north central Washington this weekend, I have decided to get a winch. I am almost ready to pull the trigger on the VR10000. I would like to use a multi-mount, but am not sure if it will fit. The website doesn't list the VR series as being able to fit. If the VR will not fit, are there plans to produce a hitch mount that will?

    I am a winch virgin, and open to other winch options you might recommend. I am just getting into overland and have a stock 2011 Tacoma Access Cab. I plan to use the winch for occasional snow and mud extractions for this and my 1966 Bronco on 33's.

    Thanks you for your time
    Reed Wiman
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