bringing sand/traction devices with you?


hi guys.

i was wondering if anyone coming down might be willing to strap an extra set of sand tracks/traction devices on their roof for us.
one of our only regrets is not picking these up before we left the states... We could have used them a handful of times already between our drives offroad and our tendency to pull ever too close to the ocean when hitting the beach!

we seemed to have bad timing getting either the smittybilts or maxtrax on the way south and apparently its impossible to buy either in mexico (at least as far as we've found).

if anyone had a spare/cheap set of either that would be perfect for our budget, but given the rare opportunity for someone to bring them down we would also happily buy the set and simply have you bring them down with you (and pay you either in advance or upon delivery).



I didn't even know $hittybuilt made them. They're probably available through 4wpw...
I think I saw some maxtrax distributors in socal.

I'm following PCH down the west coast, if theres something nearby I could help you out.

Just from reading the internet, most consider a chunk of carpet almost as good as traction mats, short of bridging. Which maxtracks aren't really up to anyways.



We are certainly open to the ideas of those of you who have spent more time offroading, but my recovery strap certainly doesnt do a ton of good in the middle of a beach with no trees or other vehicles around. :Wow1:
So far weve gotten out every time by letting some air out of the tires, digging out a bit of sand and gunning it before getting buried too deeply...but i feel as though eventually our luck is gong to give out.

if you guys think these are worth it/helpful i will find the name of the shops i saw in socal that normally carry the smittys. Id rather have the maxtrax but understand its been really difficult to get them to the states. I know a few couples who tried to get them sent and couldnt.

first hand advice??
everything ive read clains they arent great if your really stuc (and dont have 4wd)...but then still recommend having them.

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if you order them right away and send them to my house, I can probably strap them to the roof rack on my truck.

but before, let me check tomorrow with the folks at MaxTrax


Wow, i dont know that there is a so much cheaper alternative to the maxtrax 0_o

Had anyone the chance to compare they at the same time?



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pm us, if you would like we can coordinate for you to ship it to laredo and we can forward it anywhere in mexico or hold for pick up in Guanajuato. :sombrero:


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