Return convoy from Bacalar to the states


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Hey everybody, lets just say maybe the world does not end and we have to slump back to our holes till the next doomsday.

I'm sketching out a plan to return from Bacalar to San Antonio in time for Xmas eve to catch a flight back to Michigan.
Leave Bacalar Dec 21st AM, drive to Puebla, 1200km 13.5 hours
22nd depart Puebla early, thru Cuidad Valles, stay in Cuidad Victoria 720 km 9 hours
23rd Leave Cuidad Victoria, thru Monterrey, on to Nuevo Laredo TX border crossing 500km 6 hours

Anyone have any input or want to join a convoy with a similar destination?

Staying in Cuidad Victoria may be a bit sketchy but I'm struggling to find an alternative destination reachable in daylight. ?



Hey Jim,
The Rally isnt offically over till the 21st. I planned on heading back but prob not till morning of 23rd. I to need to find a safe route and camping along the way. Anyone have ideas?
the party will be the night of the 20th so the morning of the 21st is a good day to head north for those of us who need to be home by Xmas

Christian P.

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yes correct, we planned the party on the 20th to give more time for people who wants to drive up North, and give another opportunity for those who wants to party again on the 21th...


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