Sounds like Stellantis is on the right path.


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No, and that's a good thing. A change this big will take decades anyway...

As a daily driver/commuter car, I dont see a lot of reason they don't work already. I am at 4000 miles in less than 3 months on mine and not had any issues with range or charging. This is in Utah where I have already been driving it in 5-10* temperatures. All of my charging, except for the last few weeks, has been at home using a level 1 charger that runs at 120V/12A. I expect I will probably end up closer to 20000 miles a year once we get through the winter and start mountain biking and stuff outside more.

EV trucks are a bit different since they are using 2x the energy to move and have batteries at least 2x the size of my Bolt. You do need faster charging in that case to keep up with daily use.

I think the reason they have not proliferated is that all the ones made are higher end and cost a boat load of money. As we see more cheaper ones come out I think we will see more adoption.

I dont think the average person is driving 250+ miles a day or taking 500 mile road trips regularly in their Honda Civic. EV might not work for every single person but it would work for most today

Not sure how I missed this. The Ramcharger and the Charger EV ain’t happening. After the strikes, idled plants, real estate sales and this fiasco with Cummins, is there even a future for Stellantis in the US? They’ only have about 10% of the market here, a downward trend for years now.

Would an imported Wrangler or Ram still sell here? Ram and Jeep don’t even use the word hybrid on their vehicles, even though their trucks have been hybrid for some time now.

Ram and Wrangler are both low tech cash cows for Stellantis, the American product line is nothing like the rest of their global platform. They’ve held on here shoving V8s and diesels into everything.

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