Surprised no one is discussing the Cybertruck today.

The solar business is worse than the Used car corner lot business also. 8.2kwh system here. I purchased the equipment and hired a electrician and did the installation with him in 2015. Tesla solar is probably the worst customer scam going. Junk surplus outdated equipment bought in bulk at auctions sold as high end quality solar equipment to unsuspecting customers.

“Manufacturers warranty? Oh we’ll fix anything that fails” ie the equipment is junk..

There are 4 houses in my neighborhood on their 2nd full solar system the first was Tesla and totally failed garbage after 7-10 yrs.

My 2015 system is 100% micro inverter system 25yr manufacturer warranty on the panels and inverters. Cost me 1/2 the price that Tesla and several “solar” companies quoted me in 2015. And why I skipped them and did it my self.

Solar industry will face a serious PR issue in the next few yrs as the garbage systems they sold fail and leave a large number of customers questioning the business and technology. If they knew they were sold clapped out garbage but paid for top of the line stuff it might be different but most buyers haven’t a clue what they have.
I get it, you have a hate ********** for Tesla solar. Again. I don’t have Tesla solar.


The cost of batteries is predicted to drop by 40% in the next 2 years.
That will have a significant effect on the cost of new RVs and the selling price of second hand ones.
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