Where are you now? OFFICIAL MAYA RALLY In Progress thread!

aka rover

I was thinking that a Thread that all teams can check in or let others know where they are camping or if they are broke down this can be a place to do a quick check and see what is going on.

And a good place for you to add where you are going to be at a certain date or time or if you find anything cool along the way that you think others might like to see.

In addition to this thread, don't forget to follow in Instagram (#mayarally) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/mayarally)
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I need help really bad. I can't get off work for this!

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Here.. Print this letter out and give it to your boss...is should resolve your problem..
Dear mr employer
PS... I've been sleeping with your wife for the last 2 years.. And you know that time your wife went off on the girls week to Vegas, you didn't notice that my one weeks vacation (that you decided not to pay me for, you tighta**) coincided with the same week.. Don't worry, it was still well worth it..
Signed.. Your new baby's REAL daddy..

You're welcome..


I made it to Seattle, Met up with AKArover, doing some vehicle modifications this weekend an hopefully be on the road by tuesday.



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Signed.. Your new baby's REAL daddy..

You're welcome..

Oh man......you had me laughing pretty hard out loud with that one.

Wish I could go, seems like a good group of fun people going. I was in for the trip but bailed out because my ride couldn't be there for the 12-21 event. If I am going I got to be there when the world ends! And alas, it is probably for the best, I got so many things on my plate it is confusing at times!

Cheers and have fun all!

Christian P.

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also, just fyi, Mark and Suna made it to La Paz with the 1974 Benz that we got on Ebay. They drove 16 hours non-stop from San Francisco to Santa Rosalia - the Benz is running like a charm.

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