Who's staying around for Christmas? Where do you want to spend Christmas Eve?

Christian P.

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Our friends Mark/Suna are flying out of Cancun on Dec 25th. We are thinking of renting a house somewhere near a beach in Mexico to spend Christmas, then we'll head over to Belize and Guatemala.

Anyone has suggestion on a place to spend Christmas Eve?


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We're staying on Caye Caulker on 12/24 and 12/25 in case anybody makes it that far. We might head to Ambergris Caye after that. We fly out of Cancun on 12/31 and we're in Tikal on 12/21 and Palenque several days before that. Sorry I can't keep track of where the rally goes when but if you see four lost looking gringos on foot it might be us!!! :sombrero:


So you don't think the world is gonna end!?! We are really close to being "all in"!

Now if the world doesn't end, AND I go back to work, I don't have to be there until Jan 30th. So we will be bumming around somewhere for the holidays. We are interested in the house renting idea. Can you get a place for a week or two? Any idea on cost?
I'm trying to answer that question myself. If you find yourself in southern Guatemala or El Salvador (my two likely locations) drop me a line. Maybe we can have an expo get-together.

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