Where are you now? OFFICIAL MAYA RALLY In Progress thread!


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I still have misgivings and mixed feelings about the marketing and commercialism of back country travel. It reminds me of the early 1900′s when only the elite and wealthy were privileged to travel and visit landscapes out of the mainstream, safe in their little mobile boxes with packaged luxuries. It smacks of eco-tourism, and encourages placing landscapes in zoo cages rather than immersion which allows richer and intimate experience.

I think it is awesome to have people coment about thier views of "marketing" wilderness travel! Why censor ignorance? I think it is like taxes. We complain about those whom have worked hard and used their time wisely so that they may afford the finer things in life. In our jealousy we vote to close thier access to remote places.... and tax them at a higher rate because, after all.... They were more willing to make those sacrifices to make their time more valuable through education, or by taking larger risks without the guarantees! May I also share my opinion? Get over it!
I am glad that I can live an adventure through the eyes of others as I find inspiration for my own journey! Thanks for sharing!

Enrique Vega

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Just finished uploading the 2nd video in the early hours this morning from my campsite here in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. I hope the Maya Rally teams and those following this wonderful adventure enjoy it. It is short but sweet...

And a little teaser... a view from outside my overlanding rig...



Adventure of a lifetime! We are so Jealous of those of you that could continue the adventure, we'll have another mini-adventure for ourselves sometime soon.

Enrique Vega

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great timing, we just finished watching it on our Smart TV/Youtube....awesome memories!

Glad you enjoyed it Christian and I'm also happy to provide a set of videos memorializing this very interesting event. Kudos to you and Persephone for coming up with the idea of combining an expedition with a rally. Truly unique, educational, and lots of friendships were formed.

Gracias por todo! ... safe and exciting travels.

Christian P.

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For those of you who will be at Overland Expo, we will have a great presentation with some of the participants on Sunday at 11:00 am in Seminar III.

Come over!

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